2 monitors and a laptop screen issue

I recently got a new laptop Dell Lattitude and I cant get the the monitors recognized properly. When I go to setting, all I get is a choice for monitors 1 & 3 and both my monitors are mirrors of the laptop monitor. I can’t get the monitors to be recognized as separate devices. I have downloaded all the latest drivers. Using the USB 3.0 docking station.

I would expect I would see monitors 1, 2 and 3 and have choices to mirror, extend, etc.

, I previously had an HP running winnows 7 and all worked fine.

Using plugable USB 3.0 connecting via USB

BTW, I was able to get this to work, by plugging my HTMI monitor cable directly into my laptop and my VGA laptop directly into the laptop, but this defeats the purpose of using the docking station

Thanks for getting in touch!

If you open the Display Settings panel, select the combined monitors, then scroll down to the “Multiple Displays” menu, can you select the “Extend these displays” option?

No, I tried that… the only option I get is for monitors 1 and 3, where is 2. Like I said this works perfectly when plugged directly into the laptop. I can try and add screenshots if that would help.

Thanks for checking into that.

I’d like to grab PlugDebug logs from your system and see if we can nail down the issue. Can you contact me at support@plugable.com for instructions?