2.5 minute Windows xp bootup delay when usb adapter plugged in

I have Windows xp netbook in which the internal wifi stopped working. I bought a new usb wifi adapter on ebay for $2.11. I was led to Plugable website because the driver given was this:
Driver I chose and downloaded was “Windows XP to Windows 10”.
The usb dongle works fine, however when plugged in and the computer is turned on, there is a 2.5 minute delay in the boot time. The normal boot time is 30 seconds. If the dongle is removed and the computer turned on, the boot time is normal 30 seconds. My question is: why is the boot time much longer when the dongle is left in the computer? Is there a different driver that would solve this problem?

It is difficult to speculate on the lengthy boot time. Any number of possibilities here. Could be that there’s a device conflict between the USB controller in the netbook and the adapter, conflicts between drivers that were already on your system and the ones that were installed for the adapter, issues with the storage device causing the system to perform retries when reading data until it times out, etc.

As for alternative drivers, we don’t have any that we could provide.

We’ve also seen issues where other companies are selling Wi-Fi adapters, other than the ones we produce, and pointing users to us for support for those adapters.

For full support, and assurance that the adapter is a genuine Plugable product, it is recommended to purchase through the options provided on our product pages.

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