14+ monitor setup


Hi there I just bought a bunch of Usb Vga-165 display adapters with the view to recreate your 14 monitor setup outlined here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heB94… but on the packaging it says they’re only ‘expandable up to 6 displays’? Hope you can help. Cheers



Hello Andrew,

Just to set the right exceptions:

  • 14 monitors is a theoretical limit set by the operating system which was recently set with an update (from 6 to 14). We have not had the chance yet to chance to update the packaging.

  • Depending on your system resources you might run out of USB endpoints -> http://plugable.com/2015/09/08/not-en…

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Hey Patric,

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

Ok that’s great news!

When you say ’ theoretical limit set by the operating system’ do you know if this is the same for windows 10?


Hi Andrew,

Yes, this applies to Windows 10 as well. May I ask what you application would be for 14 monitors?

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Plugable Technologies


Hi Patric

Basically working on a video art installation project where I’m running video through multiple old school vga monitors. Trying to to do it a in a less expensive way via an extended desktop rather than expensive video wall processors etc…

Thanks for all your help



P.S is it possible to extend the desktop further than 14 monitors?




Hi Andrew - Windows has a hard limit (in the graphics subsystem) which is hit in the 14-16 monitor range. We’ve seen 16 but not above. Hope that helps, thanks!


Hi Bernie, thanks for getting back so quickly!

Is there another operating system that has a higher limit?




Certain configuations of Linux may have higher limits. But you would need a USB 2.0-only PC (to avoid these issues http://plugable.com/2015/09/08/not-en… ) and USB 2.0 DisplayLink-based graphics adapters (since the USB 3.0 ones don’t have an in kernel driver). And generally Linux introduces a lot of complex configuration issues that are time consuming or impossible to solve (combinations of various versions of graphics components). So you’d have to know Linux well and be really committed to trying a lot of things to go that route … Windows would be the best choice otherwise. Hope that helps!


Okey doke, plenty to go on there!

Thanks for the info Bernie