12V battery power for 7-port hub

I want to power a 7-port USB3-hub7bc in the field from a 12VDC battery supply for my telescope and other astrophotography equipment. Can I simply connect a car adapter to the 12V input (fused but straight wired) or do I need a switching power supply (considering http://www.powerstream.com/dc6.htm) to provide a steadier 12V? I am aware that a 12V battery will provide ~13.0-VDC down to about 11.5 VDC as it discharges and I want to make sure the circuitry in the hub won’t be affected by the power drop as the battery discharges.



We recommend use of some kind of buck/boost circuit for safety. The unit you linked to could work but would be under-powering the hub considerably with only 24w of power available.

You could run the hub directly off the battery with a fuse but we’re not sure what kind of long term damage could happen to the hub or attached devices so we really cannot recommend that.