1280x720 VGA and HDMI dual monitors

I have a widescreen vga monitor and an optoma projector (hdmi) (both run at 1280x720). I would like a mirror image on both monitors. What USB product can I use? I don’t see a 1280x720 resolution supported.

Also, when you use a USB device does it automatically defeat the PC’s onboard video or will I be able to use the existing VGA port for the monitor?

Hi !

Many thanks for your post and for your question!
The answer is that yes, the 1280x720 resolution is supported by the DisplayLink devices and as long as your monitor also supports it you should be seeing it in the Screen Resolution menu on Windows.

The following screenshot was taken on Windows 7 with a Plugable UGA-125 connected:

Whenever you plug one of our adapters, you will still be able to use the existing VGA output port of your system.

Since you need HDMI you can go with any of our HDMI enabled products. They will support 1280x720 with no problems. If you let us know of the exact model of your projector we may be able to give a more specific recommendation.

Please let us know if you have any more questions!