10m active extender cable does not work even with a keyboard or mouse.

Hello, I have your 10m active extender being used to have my keyboard/mouse/monitor across the room. I’ve run the cable up through a ceiling in the attic if that matters. However no matter what I cannot get any devices to connect through it. At first I had a 4-port hub connected (since I want to connect both keyboard and mouse) and it did not work. Thinking maybe the hub is drawing too much power, I tried just the mouse and then just the keyboard. Neither works. Of course if I plug K & M into the computer they do work.

Does it matter which end of the cable the cable repeater is? Currently I have it with the repeater directly off the computer (the reason is I’m using wall ports and I have to gender change at one of the ends) - It just so happens the repeater is at the computer end.

Interestingly enough, when I had the USB hub plugged into the cable, it’s light does turn on, so some power is getting there, but even with no hub I can’t even get the keyboard or mouse to work.

Any ideas?

Hi Brendan-

Thanks for posting, I’ll be happy to help!

The 10m active extension functions just like a USB Hub, so it will be necessary to have the male USB A connected directly to your PC:

Any hubs in use at the end of the extension should be powered hubs. USB 2.0 has 500mA available power, the cable will consume some, having an unpowered hub at the end would use even more, while having a powered hub at the end should eliminiate any chance of devices at not getting enough power.

For testing I’d recommend trying the mouse/keyboard when the USB A male end of the cable is direct to the PC, and then add each component and re-test as you build out.

I hope this helps, but please let us know if you’ve any other questions!

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies

Sounds like I just need to turn my cable around then. Thanks for your help.

Hi Brendan-

Agreed, turning the cable around should help, and then just add one component at a time if you still run into issues to isolate where it’s at.

Best wishes-