10-Port USB hub not charging (USB2-HUB10C2)

My new USB2-HUB10C2 is not charging my Samsung Galaxy S7. It also won’t change my external battery.

Hi Seth,

This is Jordan at Plugable - I believe that we are already chatting via email. .

I’ll recap what I mentioned in my email response for any other readers out there who may be experiencing charging issues:

We should be able to fix this remotely by isolating the cause with a few simple troubleshooting steps. Make sure that you are using the flip-up charging ports on the USB hub for best results as the front ports are not optimized for charging.

  1. Does the Samsung phone charging issue occur on all USB ports on the Plugable hub, or only certain ones?
  2. Does the USB hub charging issue occur in all USB ports on your computer, or only certain ones? If possible, test the same USB hub and Samsung phone in another computer.
  3. Does the Samsung phone charge correctly when plugged directly into a USB port on a computer (without using the Plugable hub)?
  4. Do other devices charge OK in the USB hub?

Feel free to respond to our email with what you find. Any other readers can contact us at support@plugable.com anytime.

Thank you!
Plugable Technologies