10 Port Setup Issue

Hi - I’m having a problem with a new 10port hub. When I connect my drive via your hub, I get a system message that says "this device is capable of operating faster if you plu it into a high speed USB port. I don’t get that message if I plug directly into the computer. Backups take extremely long time - so my sense is that I’m only getting USB 1 speeds through your hub. Any ideas on what I should check?

Hi Davis,

Thanks for posting! I’m very sorry our hub is having a problem on your system - this kind of problem isn’t normal, and I expect we’ll be able to get things fixed.

Our main goal is to figure out whether you might have a bad unit or if it’s a configuration problem of some sort.

The message you’re receiving is triggered by Windows when a device is operating in USB 1.1 (11Mbps) on a USB 2.0 (480Mbps) port.

To try to exclude the configuration problem possibilities:

  1. Can you double-check if the hub’s 2.5A AC power adapter is attached (having insufficient power can sometimes trigger this problem - and you’re using an external drive which would be power hungry). One way to check - even when USB between the hub and PC is disconnected, the blue LED on the hub should still be lit (because it’s powered by AC power)

  2. If you happen to have a spare mini-B to A USB cable (the same one used by the hub), could you try that out to exclude a cable issue?

  3. Could you try a few different ports (from the hub to the PC and from the hard drive to the hub) and say if the results are the same?

If it’s looking like a hardware issue, we’ll get a replacement headed your way right away. In preparation for that, if you could email your Amazon order # to support@plugable.com, we’ll get ready for that.

Thanks for letting us know these details, and thanks for your patience!

Well - the problem seems to have vanished.

  1. I do have blue light if only power supply is connected/plugged in
  2. I tried another miniUSB cable and the problem went away
  3. When I had the problem - it didn’t matter which USB plug in the chassis I plugged into

So I’m suspecting it might have been cable related - but at the moment I have no problem (and I’m back to using the cable which came with the unit). Thanks for responding so quickly - I’ll just have to wait for problem to re-appear.

Thanks for updating us! Glad all’s well. Please just port or email support@plugable.com if you have any trouble at all in the future.

Thank you!