10 Port Out of Stock

Have this hub at home (and love it). Went to buy another one for work and found that Amazon has it “Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

Has this item been discontinued?

There is an available hub on Amazon that looks to be absolutely identical but it’s branded as “Nu”. Does anyone know if it’s actually the same hub or a cheaper knock-off… and if it IS the same hub will Plugable support it? It even comes in the same packaging.

An update - the ETA is longer than we hoped. We’re not going to have units until the end of March. Our apologies!

The Plugable 7 port hub with the same internal FE 2.1 controller (and actually a more premium AC adapter) is a good alternative http://plugable.com/products/usb2-hub… We have a limited stock of this 7 port hub remaining, and a much larger shipment that should be arriving earlier than the 10 port.

Thanks for your patience! Again, our apologies - we’ll try to be as transparent as possible about timing.

I wait; it’s worth it because I like the layout of the 10 port better for desktop use.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, yes, we’ve sold out all available units of the 10 port hub - this product is extremely popular. It’s definitely not being discontinued! We have several thousand more in transit. We’re sorry to say the ETA is longer than we hoped, arriving at Amazon at the end of March.

We’re only able to support our own Plugable branded products, so we’re very sorry about the delay in availability. It’s frustrating when you’re looking to order now.

As soon as units are back on sale on Amazon, we’ll update both here and our twitter status feed: http://twitter.com/#/plugable

Again, my apologies. Thanks for going out of your way for us!