10 Port Hub w/ External Drives Crashing

I have a Plugable USB 2.0 10 Port Hub (with Power Adapter). I have 6 external USB drives connected to it (5 self powered and one powered by the hub). Every now and then I’ll get a read/write error on one of these drives that will cause the USB hub to disconnect from the system. For example, when trying to unzip a file on any of the drives it crashes. This is very annoying as I work off of files from these drives daily so it’s mission critical. Any ideas?

Hi Justin,

Thanks for posting you question here, we’ll be happy to help. There’s a couple of things that come to mind when troubleshooting your issue with the drive collection on the 10 port hub.

The first and most likely issue is that the total power consumption of your drives is exceeding the power available from the hub. The reason is that the 10 port hub comes with a 2.5 Amp power supply so it’s intended to be used with a collection of high and low power devices. With 5 self powered and 1 bus powered external hard drives on the hub the total power demand is at least 2.5 amps.

To test this theory, try removing two of the drives with one of them being the bus powered one and run with out them for a while. If your drive are stable then we’ll suspect a power problem If you still are seeing the issue, we’ll suspect an issue with the hub.

For situations where a large collection of high power demand devices are going to be used together the device can be split across two hubs our USB 2.0 7 port hub or USB 2.0 4 port hub can be used. Both provide higher power per port.

USB 2.0 7 Port Hub


Let me know what the results of running with fewer drives is and we’ll figure out what the best next steps are.


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Thanks for your reply Jerome. I had a feeling it was the bus powered drive. I removed it from the hub and ran some tests which performed okay. I ended up partitioning my internal drive and transferred data so I no longer need that bus powered drive anymore. Hopefully this solves my problems.

Thanks again,