10-port hub transfer speeds dramatically decreasing over time

I’ve had the Plugable 10-port USB hub for 7 months now, and recently in the last few weeks the transfer rate of my external HD connected to the hub has decreased dramatically. Plugging the HD directly into my computer resolves this problem. Has anyone else had this issue? It also seems a few of the USB ports on my hub have died, or never worked to begin with.

Hi t4exanadu,

Thanks for posting here, I’ll be happy to assist. We haven’t seen a case where the performance of a hub decreased over time but combined with your report of troubles with a couple of the ports, it seems something is not quite right.

Let’s reset the hub for starters and see if that helps. To do that, disconnect everything from it, then plug the AC adapter back in first. Next connect the upstream USB to the computer and then connect all the devices.

Does that make any difference? If not, please send your Amazon Order Id and the serial number of the unit you have along with a link to this thread over to support@plugable.com and we’ll get you fixed up.


Plugable Technologies

Hi Jerome,

I finally got a change to try resetting the hub. I was surprised to find that this seems to have fixed my problems.

Thank you very much for your timely and accurate assistance, I really appreciate it.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for letting us know, I’m glad to hear you are up and running.
Just let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.