10 Port hub, high pitched whine

I have the 10 port USB hub, and when I plug the power cord in, it gives out a fairly loud, high-pitched whine. It’s actually quite annoying, is there a way to fix this?

Turns out this is an issue with the power adapter for a T-amp that I have plugged into the same outlet. For some reason it only makes a sound when the USB hub is plugged in as well.

Update: I was looking at the wrong adapter. It *is* the adapter for the pluggable device, but I was able to fix it by just plugging in a few more things that draw power.

Hope this helps someone else.

Hi Evan,

Thanks for this information. I’d written to you via our private support system but now see here that you’ve solved the problem.

One question I have for you on the public forum: When you say you were able to fix it just by plugging in a few more things that draw power, do you mean:

  1. you plugged power-drawing devices into the hub


  1. you plugged more devices into the same power strip where the hub’s adapter was plugged in


  1. something else

The second, I plugged more devices into the hub.

And thanks!

I’ve got the same problem, had it for 12 months - very annoying. It’s almost like a police siren, but very very quiet. But never the less, audible.