1 of 3 monitors goes blank when the other gets plugged in

Help, I have a laptop and the Plugable docking station and I have an HDMI monitor and a DVI monitor. When I plug the HDMI monitor last the DVI monitor goes out, if the HDMI is plugged in first and I plug in the DVI the DVI never turns on. What could be wrong?


Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to help with your docking station!

Based on your description, I’m going to make the assumption you are using Windows 10. May I ask you to double-check within the Display Settings application (available via right-clicking on an empty space of your desktop), under the ‘Multiple displays’ section, that each monitor is set as an Extension of your desktop? (you will have to click on each monitor number to check the setting for each one).

In other words, we don’t want Windows marking any of them as ‘Disconnected’ (Windows 10 seems to do this on its own from time to time). I also made a short video showing steps should you need it -> https://youtu.be/irAUYfdTp4I

Please let us know if that helps!

Plugable Technologies