1 of 3 monitors goes blank for one second

I recently purchased the triple monitor usb c docking station for use with a 2016 macbook pro.
Screen number 1 is connected by hdmi 4k, HP 27ea.
Screen number 2 is connected by dvi , also an HP 27ea
Screen number 3 is connected by hdmi 2k, and is a acer 27ED.

The problem is with screen number 3. It periodically goes blank for a second and then re-appears. Sometimes this will go on continuously, and other times, the screen seems fine.

Please help!
Thanks, Denise

Hi Denise,

Thanks for posting! Appreciate the great detail; that’s quite helpful in narrowing things down.

Based on what we know from your report, it sounds like the culprit is most likely the HDMI cable on screen 3, though there’s a chance it’s something else more rare like the HDMI output on the dock or the screen itself.

To help narrow things down from here, could you please swap the HDMI cables (both on the dock end and monitor end) from Screen 1 to Screen 3, and vice versa? If the problem moves to Screen 1, that will confirm the cable is the culprit. If the issue stays with Screen 3, then we’ve narrowed it to the dock’s HDMI port or something with the screen.

Please let us know how things go with the above and we’ll go from there.


Hi Denise,

We’re closing this thread due to inactivity, but happy to revisit the issue at your convenience.

Please just email support@plugable.com after you’ve had a chance to test out the suggestions above, and we’ll go from there.