1 in two out USB3 switch only works when both computers are running

Just bought a USB Switch2 (1 in/2 out). I have a desktop computer (personal) and a laptop (for work) on a docking station, and I want to share one keyboard between the two systems. I usually only have one or the other computer running at any given time.
I have the desktop plugged into output 1, and the laptop plugged into output 2 (I did try switching the outputs).
The switch works fine IF and Only IF both computers are running, or if I only run the Desktop. But if I only run the laptop (desktop computer is powered off), the switch does not work, and the switch button indicator lights flash alternately).
I did note that if I power up both computers, select output 2 for the laptop, the switch works fine. I can then power down the desktop, and the switch continues to feed the keyboard to the laptop as desired.
It is VERY annoying and wasteful of time and energy to go through this process of powering up both computers then powering down the desktop. The only work around I have found is to unplug the keyboard cable from the switch and plug it directly into the laptop or docking station (so that’s not so much a work around as a by-pass). But then what do I need the switch for?
Any suggestions or solutions?

Hi Mitch,

Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear about the issues.

I’ve duplicated your setup here with desktop and laptop USB host systems, and I’m not encountering the same behavior with two USB 3.0 switches I’ve tried - the switch remains functional even with one system off.

Based on this, I think there might be something misbehaving with the switch you received. At your convenience can you please email support@plugable.com with your Amazon Order ID number and preferred shipping address? Once we have that I’ll make arrangements to have a replacement unit pre-tested and sent to you.