You sell through Amazon: Why?

The fact that your only outlet is Amazon is losing you my business. Amazon are NOT the retailer they used to be in terms of customer care. They are extremely bad in many areas. If you had your own site instead of relying on others for sure you’d make more sales!

Thanks for caring enough to take the time to post this feedback for us. You could have walked away quietly - we appreciate letting us know!

We’ve focused on selling through in order to provide an efficient and consistent experience for buyers. Targeting multiple sales channels would definitely increase our sales, but we’re not willing to expand unless we can keep the same quality and consistency of experience for our customers. We’re always looking at opportunities to do that.

Most people rate Amazon’s customer service highly (e.g.…) and our experience has been good.

But it sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences with Amazon, and have other retailers you’d prefer. If you’re willing to post or email with any particular recommendations, we’d appreciate the thoughts and keep them in mind for the future.

Thanks again!