XP to Windows8: Where's my User Accounts?

I used Plugable to move from an XP machine to a Win8 machine. The XP had 3 User Accounts and after the transfer I can’t find the other User Accounts or data on the Win8 machine. Any ideas? Thx!

Hi Dave,

Thank you for posting your question.

The Easy Transfer Cable software works on an account by account basis. Because of that, the best option is to log into each XP account and perform a transfer from there.

However, you can also transfer multiple accounts at once by using the Drag & Drop feature. You have to click the “Show System Folders” in the upper-right corner to see all the user folders in the XP’s Documents and Settings folder.

This method is not recommended, however, because it may transfer or overwrite important files on the new computer. If you do this, please don’t drag and drop the entire user folder. Instead, go inside it, and select individual folders you want to transfer, such as My Documents or Desktop.

I hope this helps.

Plugable Support