WPA2 compromised. Plugable USB-WIFINT Driver update?

Now that WPA2 has been compromised, will plugable be releasing updated drivers for the USB-WIFINT? If so, when would this be anticipated?

Hello Philip,

WPA2 is a software protocol that is largely handled by operating systems with some minor underlying hardware requirements. The issues presented by the “Krack” exploit do not require a driver update to resolve, they require operating system updates. Some embedded devices such as smart home devices with Wi-Fi may have more trimmed down implementations that require firmware updates to resolve issues relating to “Krack”. However, the firmware still essentially fulfills the function of being an OS for the device.

As long as the operating system of the devices (clients) you intend to use the adapter on are up-to-date with patches for “Krack”, then they should be able to use any Wi-Fi adapter that is compatible with the operating system of those devices while being protected from the “Krack” exploit.

I hope this helps.

Plugable Support