Wndows 7 and UD3900 constant connection loss

Periodically, usually after 10-15 minutes, the UD3900 green light goes out and I lose the connection to my second display, the keyboard, and the mouse. I’ve had to resort to unplugging the mouse so that I can continue to perform the debugging operations that are suggested on your website. Additionally, I have never been able to get the wired Ethernet on the UD3900 to work. I have Windows 7 and had all of the updates performed prior to connecting the UD3900. My computer is a Dell Inspiron 7110N Laptop. If I do a restart, everything except the wired Ethernet capability works but only for a few minutes when the problem occurs again.

So, I was told to below to perform a clean install of the DisplayLink drivers and was given the steps to follow to do that. I’ve have done that twice and still have the same issues. I’ve sent two debug files but have yet to hear from anyone explaining what is causing these issues.

Hi Wayne,

Sorry our emails have not been reaching you. Please check your spam folders for an email named ‘UD3900 Problems’ and our answers should be there. Make sure when you reply that you do not overwrite the previous messages so that the ticket stays intact.

The dock is showing up OK in the debug files, and your system is compatible, so we can get this dock working. Next let’s make sure your laptop drivers are up-to-date. Please respond to the case email and I can send you the direct links for your driver updates.

Thank you,
Plugable Technologies