Windows Update Optional Update

I have the following optional update in my Windows Update

DisplayLink Corp. - Other hardware - DisplayLink Display Adapter (4323)
Download size: 14.7 MB
You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.
Update type: Optional
DisplayLink Corp. Other hardware software update released in September, 2014

What is this software? Would I find a manual update of this on the Plugable site? What version is this update? I can’t tell



That update should be the DisplayLink 7.7M0 software, which is the same version available directly from Plugable. (…)

DisplayLink has released a newer version, but we generally stick with previous revision until we’ve thoroughly tested the newest release.


Thanks. Can you tell me what software is usually updated? I have updated USB 3.0 Hub firmware before and the driver to 7.6x. Are there any other aspects of my UD-3900 that need periodic updates or just these two that I mentioned?


DisplayLink driver updates are issued fairly frequently by DisplayLink and available directly through their site or We only periodically provide a new version via Windows Update (once or twice a year).

At this point in their life-cycle, the drivers are fairly mature and well behaved, and the DisplayLink updates often focus on fixed rare edge-case type issues that most users will not encounter.

As long as you’re running a fairly recent (7.6 or higher) version of the DisplayLink drivers and have updated firmware, you should be all set as far as the dock is concerned.

(If there were any other drivers on your system that would require an update to improve dock-related functionality, the DisplayLink software would warn you about this when starting up your OS.)