Windows 8 Compatability

Hi. I have a USB 3.0 Graphics adapter connected and it worked quite well before today, in which I updated to Windows 8. I read that the product works with Windows 8 already, but I cannot get windows to recognize it. The device shows up in my device manager, but the UI app and my monitor does not get detected by windows. Thanks for the help

Hi Steven,

Thanks for posting! We’re tracking any new Windows 8 issues closely. Here’s our latest update:…

The quickest way for us to see what might be going wrong on your system is if you could email us the .zip file output by DisplayLink’s support tool. Here’s how:…

Could you email that .zip file and your Amazon order # (if any) to – from that, we’ll be able to figure out next steps.

Thanks again for posting, and for your patience!

Hi Venz - Thanks for posting. The quickest way for us to diagnose what’s happening in your case is if you can run DisplayLink’s support tool and email the .zip file it generates to us at Here’s how:…

Thanks for your patience while we look at what’s going wrong!