Windows 10 Scale and layout issue

I have two monitors connected to the UsBC triple display docking station.

laptop :dell xps 9350
Monitor1 : Dell Dell U2913WM, resolution :2560 by 1080p HDMI connected
Monitor 2: AOC resolution : 1280 by 720p DVI connected

When I use photoshop and illustrator, everything scales good but when I go in the menu items in these programs, the scaling is bigger.
So I head on into the windows 10 display options and clicked on the bigger monitor. Under scale and layout, I usually get this error. ‘Some apps won’t respond to scaling changes until you sign out’. I sign out and it fixes the problem.
Is there a way for this not to happen in the first place? It is annoying. Thanks.

Hello Aaron,

Thanks for asking.

Unfortunately scaling issues like this out of our control. It would be something that you may want to report to Microsoft via their feedback hub:…

It might not hurt to engage Adobe as well as this sounds like it may be a problem with their UI not syncing with the Windows 10 settings till after you log out and log back in.

One thing to try is to make sure your HDMI monitor is connected to the “4K” HDMI port for best performance, but that shouldn’t affect scaling.

Best wishes,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies