Windows 10 connectivity

I can’t get the bluetooth usb adapter 4.0 to work with Windows 10. It recognizes it as incompatible & I can’t get any of my devices connected.

Had the same problem… I had to use the cleaner software, then do a clean install of the new Windows 10 drivers. Works after that. This is from their blog entry:

Scenario 3: Windows 10 was installed with a docking station or USB graphics devices attached and/or previous DisplayLink drivers installed, and things aren’t working after the upgrade

  1. Disconnect your docking station or USB graphics adapter from your system.
  2. Download and run the DisplayLink cleaner software to remove any previous bits of the drivers that remain on the system.
  3. Run Windows Update (Start > Settings > Update & security). Reboot when prompted. Repeat this process until there are no new updates found.
  4. Install the DisplayLink drivers from this link. Connect your USB device when prompted during the installation.
  5. Reboot after the installation completes, and if all goes well, things should be working as expected once you’re back in Windows.

It definitely works, but there is some significant lag between mouse / keyboard and the computer now. Hope it gets rectified soon. Personally, I would wait to download Windows 10 until Plugable gets it figured out.