Will UD-ULTCDL work with ASUS laptop GL552VW-DH74?

Will UD-ULTCDL work with ASUS laptop GL552VW-DH74? I have both and can’t get it to work. What do I do? Tried drivers.

Hello Steven,

Unfortunately we have not been able to test our dock with that model before. Some ASUS systems appear to be compatible, while others are not.

If you have the latest BIOS, firmware, and driver updates from ASUS for your system, and the dock still doesn’t work, unfortunately the only thing to do would be to report the issue to ASUS and initiate a return of the dock for a full refund.

Maybe ASUS can correct the issue on their side at some point, but it would be best to return the dock while you are still within the 30-day return period from Amazon.

I will take this information to add your system to our compatibility chart marking that it is not compatible.

Sorry, but thanks for letting us know.

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies