Will UD-3900 work on Surface 2

I just received the Plugable USB3.0 UD-3900 and there are instructions to download the drivers. Of course with the Surface 2 (not the Pro Version) you cannot download anything, everything must install from the Play Store. I connected the UD-3900 to the Surface 2 and was able to get the Mouse and Keyboard to work but I could not get an external monitor to work. Will the Surface 2 connected to the UD-3900 support an external monitor? Again this is not the PRO version of the Surface.


Hi Phil,

I’m sorry, as you suspected, there’s no way for products like this to work on Windows RT (e.g. ARM-based Surface 2). We list Windows RT as not compatible on the Amazon listing for this reason.

But we’re always worried people will miss that, since it’s so surprising and confusing since Microsoft’s naming makes it difficult to separate the versions that support installing 3rd party drivers vs. those that don’t. Microsoft’s Windows Compatibility database also lists many products as Windows RT 8.1 compatible which are not. We’ve tried to fix that for our products, so if you search through this list of Pluagble products in their database, it should be accurate (as of May 2014):

We don’t ever want customers stuck with hardware that won’t work for them. Just visit http://amazon.com/returns for a no-hassle refund.

Sorry for the bad news but hope that helps. Thanks!