Will the UGA 165 work with macbook pro running OSX 10.8.5

Need to run three monitors that will include the laptop display, so two extended flat screens, the laptop display, with one additional flatscreen in mirror mode that will be in the recording booth!

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To be very frank, 10.8.5 is really the only version of OS X I would personally recommend using DisplayLink based devices with. Even on 10.8.5, the same limitations described at the post below all still apply- in 10.8.5 USB 3.0 audio devices worked where they didn’t in 10.8.4 was basically the only difference.

Mavericks is a bit of a nightmare at this stage: we’re still investigating the impacts of pretty major changes to the desktop/applications spaces concept introduced in the final version of mavericks (that didn’t seem to be present in the “golden master” developer preview they released about 10 days before making mavericks freely available.

So, if you don’t plan on updating to mavericks, yes- but with the limitations linked above.

Sorry for the long answer, but it’s important to know that while it “works” there are substantial limitations, and specific experiences that don’t work.

Hope the details help!

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Jeff Everett
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