Will it Work With Photoshop?

Would the USB Universal dock work so that I could use Photoshop on my Acer One with a full size monitor? I like to be able to dump my RAW images into my laptop with it’s large hard drive but then have to transfer all those images to my home PC to do my post production. It would be way easier if I could come home and plug my laptop into a dock and use my monitor and pen tablet with my external hard drive connected as well.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for asking ahead about the compatibility of your Acer One and the Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station. The Acer One usually ships with Windows 7 Starter edition, this limits what you can do with external graphics. Here’s a link explaining this:


While Photoshop itself will run and display fine through our Universal Docking Station, you can only have your monitors mirrored and at the lowest common resolution. You can select “projector only” (using the ‘windows’ and ‘p’ keys in combination) while your external monitor is connected to your VGA out port, then you can try to change the display setting for this monitor and see if you can change resolution. Sorry we don’t have a Win 7 Starter machine here to test on.

For the peripherals, if you are running out of ports, you may want to look into a powered hub. Here’s what we offer:


I hope this helps with dialing in your setup!
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I think I’m more confused now! My Acer (running Windows 7) defaults to the max resolution of an external display if the laptop’s display is disabled. I found this out in a tech forum somewhere. With the laptop display on, yes, common resolution; laptop screen disabled, max resolution for the monitor attached.

So with that in mind; if I disable my laptop monitor and plug it into this docking station, this should function as normal with only one cord connecting to my laptop… right?

I don’t want to have multiple displays, I don’t need them. I just want to come home, plug my laptop in as easily as possible and photoshop my images I just captured.

I currently can do this, but I plug in my monitor, usb hub and speakers all separately. So it is really a toss up to me whether I do this or just transfer everything to my home PC.

My wife has the same laptop and I’m thinking for convenience sake I can set it up so either of us could go in the office and plug in one cable and have everything connected. We don’t do gaming and like I said, don’t need multiple displays.

Hi Bryan,

Sorry for the confusion, it sounds like your idea will work great. As long as you aren’t hoping to have multiple simultaneous displays, you won’t be limited by the Start Edition feature set.

Thanks for asking ahead, let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.


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