Why works just 3 clients UD-160-M in fedora 18?

I need to run 5 clients UD-160-M, however after the installation of fedora 18, only 3 clients work. When I connect 4 customer screen goes black and the same with the fifth., My server has 6 usb ports. I connected each client to one of the ports. Only 3 clients work.

Hello Javier,

Thank you for reaching out to us! I apologize for the issues you are encountering with setting up your Fedora 18 server using our UD-160-M multi-seat terminals.

Fedora 18 has reached end-of-life as of January 2014, and is no longer being supported or developed. We are recommending Fedora 20 for new Multi-Seat installations, as many of the bugs found in earlier versions of Fedora have been fixed in this latest release.

Would it be possible for you to upgrade the OS on your server and get back to us regarding if this issue is still ongoing?

Plugable Support