Why does my windows 8 screen text have portions that "slide" together on occasion on either primary o secondary monitor?

I can’t predict when it will happen, but perhaps every ten minutes when I scroll down, particularly rapidly, a portion of the screen “freezes” and is “left behind” making it impossible to read that part. It is never in the same place exactly.

All applications do this, even my browser. I can move the window between screens to clear the problem, but it is annoying. And it is happening more frequently. I’ve had my Plugable 3.0 for about a month now. I have a Windows 8 HP Envy that is only two months old and I’ve run all the updates.

Is this due to having two external monitors perhaps? I have one that is HDMI and one that is DVI, both connected to the Plugable hub.

Hi John,

Thanks for posting! I’d be happy to help.

From your description of the symptoms, it sounds like there may be some sort of video corruption caused by the driver for your integrated graphics chipset.

I know you mentioned that you have installed all the updates for your system, but I would check on HP’s website to see if a newer graphics driver has been released and if so update it. We normally recommend installing drivers from the manufacturer, but in some instances they tend to not be a recent as those released by the graphics chipset provider. Depending on who makes your graphics chipset (Intel, Nvidia, AMD) you may also want to check their websites for an even newer version.

Let us know if updating the graphics driver helps and we can go from there.

Thank you,

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