Why does does my screen presentation reduce from full screen when hooked to thedocking station

When I plug in the docking station, the creen presentation goes from full screen to a narrow screen. I see the entire Windows home page, but have black on each side of the screen. When I adjust the resolution to a highersetting, it changesto full screen, but the resolution decreases. How can I keep full screen when connected to the docking station?

Hi Skip - thanks for the question.

Are you running the two screens in mirror mode (where they show the same content)? or extended mode (where they show different content - the screens span one big desktop)?

In mirror mode, the OS has to choose the least common denominator between the two displays, which often means one monitor/display must go to a lower resolution or different aspect ratio, to match the other. And that isn’t always pretty.

What OS are you running? Windows 7 defaults all new displays to mirror mode, so the first thing most people do it set them to extend.

Next step is if you could reply with what model of laptop and monitor you have – knowing the max resolutions will let us figure out what the best configuration will likely be.

Note that, in the end, sometimes monitors (especially TVs) may have a little bit of black edge or overscan because of timing differences. This sometimes can be fixed by monitors with an ability to auto-adjust. But, anyway, it sounds like what you’re seeing is bigger than that kind of slight monitor timing difference.