Why do I get random disconnects?

Donald Michel
Sep 23 11:04 (PDT)

I recently purchased the subject item from Amazon, and was quite concerned
as I started having problems straight away. The items I have connected to
the two rear ports and the swinging ports seem to work fine all the time.
Of course, since they are in the back of the item, they get less
attention, like connecting and disconnecting, except for one of the two
swinging ports, which is used for thumb drive work for the most part. In
the six ports in front, I have two USB pocket hard drives and the network
drive which is used for system backup. These seem to randomly appear and
disappear from the Windows Explorer and also at least one, and perhaps two
( bit hard to tell) make occasional “clicking” noises. They work fine on
my laptop, so they don’t seem to have suffered any damage from this strange
behavior (at least so far) but I am sure you can understand my concern. I
have held my fingers lightly on the top of the hub when the clicking noise
was occurring, wondering if it was something mechanical about the USB hub.
I can feel nothing.

I can not be certain as to how much current is drawn by any of these
drives, but they all work when plugged directly into the USB connection on
my laptop, so it must be far less than is available from the hub. Any idea
what is causing this strange behavior? I am operating with the external
power supply providing power to the hub, I am running Windows Seven on all
my networked machines that this computer is hooked to, and other for than
for the random, but frequent disappearance, I am pleased with the hub

I have just tried all three hard drives on my laptop, and all function
normally. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?

Donald Michel
(978) 944-5273

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The main thing I would suggest is to ensure the hub operates in “Self-Powered” Mode

When connecting the hub to the PC, it is important to connect the AC power supply to the hub 1st, and then connect USB from the hub to the host PC. If the hub is connected to the PC before power is, devices may not be recognized properly. To ensure that the hub is operating in self powered mode:

  1. Verify that the power supply or “power brick” connection to the hub is secure.
  2. After verifying the power supply, unplug the USB connection from the back of the hub, wait 10 seconds, and reconnect it.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and best wishes!

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies