why did my plugable USB 2.0 UGA stop working?

when I turn on my computer,the green/yellow display light does not come on. I have used the USB 2.0 for the last several months without incident, but now it seems to have gone dead.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for posting. Very sorry you hit this problem!

If you’re within the first year, you’re covered under warranty for any hardware failure. We’ll dig in a little try to rule out a software change. But assuming it is a hardware failure, we’ll get you a replacement unit as soon as possible.

We got your email separately, too - so we’ll get your Amazon order # and other info from you that route.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Bernie -

I am having this problem as well – USB 2.0 worked flawlessly out of the box - then an hour into work it just stopped and now we can’t get a green light to hold a connection. We wrote a trouble ticket to DisplayLink and they believe the software is running fine (given that the system sees the device in the Device Manager); but with a black screen, they believe it to be a hardware failure.

I will write separately.