white space on desktop

uga-2k-a software/driver downloaded and installed… apparently working fine but I get a square white space in the upper left corner of the desktop… this white space prevents accessing the icons underneath it… what to do? somehow I think it’s related to aero since when I click aero it disappears but I lose the other opened programs…when I click aero again I have access to my opened programs but the white is still present

Hi Albert,

Thanks for posting your question here on our support forum. Assuming you are running Windows, the first step in troubleshooting is to run the Aero troubleshooter from Microsoft. Here’s a link with instructions on how to do that:


Can you say more about what type of hardware you have? What is the make and model of computer and monitor.

If your not running Windows, let us know what Operating System and version you have.

Thanks for your troubleshooting, with this additional detail, we’ll be able to figure next steps.


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