Which hubs support PPPS?

I found an older question and answer about this, and after some searching I have found no further updates, and no mention of PPPS on any of the specifications pages for your products. (Did I miss something?)

A very small number of USB hubs on the market support PPPS, but there appears to be growing demand as embedded computing and USB-powered devices proliferate.

Has Plugable dropped all support for PPPS in its products at this time? If so, and you have no plans to serve this niche in the future, can you please suggest alternate vendors?



Thanks for contacting us! We’re happy to help answer your questions about our USB hubs. We sell a couple of hubs that support PPPS.

Our USB2-HUB-AG7 and USB2-HUB10S use the same FE2.1s chipset, which has Per Port Power Switching functionality.

We’re not able to recommend any other vendors for that type of hub, as we have not tested any other brands of hub in our lab.

We hope this information helps. Please feel free to contact us again any time.

Thank You,

Amanda Henry
Plugable Technologies