Which CD/DVD writers are recommended/tested?

I know about the Apple Super Drive not working, yet my Pioner DVD burner or LG burner is also not. Which are CD/DVD writers are recommended for the:

Plugable USB-C Docking Station with Power Delivery - External Monitor Output and 60W Charging for MacBook Retina 12" 2015 / 2016, Chromebook Pixel 2015, Dell XPS 13" 2016 and More


I have a MacBook Retina 12" 2015

Thank you.

Hello Bob,

Sorry to hear that your Pioneer and LG optical drives are not working when connected to your UD-ULTCDL dock.

We have an LG model here that works well, it’s an older model, but one that does require more power than most newer models (an as such we would expect most newer models to work fine as they require less power).

When you connect the drive to the dock, are you connecting it to the front or rear ports on the dock?

Does the optical drive show up in the system profile under USB devices?


Thank you for replying, Josh.

All devices are tried on the front 2 USB 3.0 ports only.

The Pioneer says it’s working, then gives unknown error when finalizing, yet
works fine when Plugable dock is bypassed and a Mac USB-C HDMI/USB adapter is used with a Sabrent powered USB splitter.

LG (HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GE20LU10) does “work” without error, yet it is 4 times longer then through the config mentioned above.

I have 2 of your USB-C Docking Stations w/PD, and I’m relatively happy with them.

Because I need to purchase another CD/DVD Writer anyway for the 2nd one, If I can just get the best recommended CD/DVD writer to work with it, I will be complete.

How fast is your CD/DVD burning with your LG, and what is the model number?

Thank you

Got it. Ran out to Best Buy tonight when I saw this on sale for $49.99

LG SuperMulti 24x External USB 20 DoubleLayer DVD177CDRW Drive Black
Model: GE24NU40
SKU: 9975469

I am able to get 12X which is totally fine.

All is well - everything is working fine for me.

Thank you Josh!

Glad to hear it all worked out! Sorry for my delayed reply!