Where can I buy Plugable USB hubs in Canada?

I want to buy 2 of the Plugable 7 or 10 port USB hubs; however amazon.com cannot ship them to me in Canada. Where can I buy these in Canada?

Hi Birdott,

Sorry, Canada puts up a surprising number of practical barriers to direct ship of individual orders. If you’d like some of the gory details, this thread covers them well:

We’ve built a reputation with high standards for shipment speed, value, and support – and the barriers mean we wouldn’t be able to live up to those expectations for Canadian orders. This aren’t just words - we really don’t want anyone’s money, unless we are set up to make things right during and after the sale reliability (near to 100% of the time).

There have been rumors of an Amazon effort to better enable fulfillment from within Canada (so we’d have fast ship of sales and replacements; and customs/HST can be handled in bulk by us, rather than per order involving both us and the customer) – that initiative has yet to launch, and Amazon has no announced dates.

This being an extremely common problem for Canadian buyers, there are a bunch of workarounds out there (that have various degrees of ugliness). For those close to the border, for now we recommend buying on Amazon.com and shipping to a USA address managed by http://kinek.com/

Sorry we don’t have a better answer for now. We’re tracking options here closely (being in Seattle, WA we have tons of Canadian friends), and hope for better options in the future.

Thanks and best wishes,