When will the UGA-165 be available at Amazon or any other retailer?

HI Jon,

Thanks for going out of your way to ask!

Unfortunately, we’ve sold out of our UGA-165 and it’s going to be an extended outage of one to two months until units are back in stock.

So in the interim, we’d recommend taking a jump up to our top-of-the-line adapter, the UGA-2K-A (http://plugable.com/products/uga-2k-a/ ). These two products are identical, other than the UGA-165 having a DisplayLink DL-165 chip, and the UGA-2K-A having the high-end DisplayLink DL-195 chip. And if you don’t need the high resolutions, our UGA-125 is a 3rd, less expensive option with the DL-125 chip, rounding out the family.

Here’s a comparison table for our full family of USB to VGA/DVI graphics adapters:

I’m very sorry for the disruption - what happened is that the UGA-2K-A went out of stock temporarily between batches, causing us to sell through all our UGA-165 also. We now have fresh supply of the UGA-2K-A, but because the UGA-165 surprised us, the lead times are longer.

Again, thanks for going out of your way for us, and let us know if you have any questions at all!


Thanks Bernie, i just ordered the UGA-2K per your suggestion. Let’s hope it works fine with Lion OS:)