when transfer network data by USB2-OTGE100, device reboot

I have added E100 driver in my project, and config eth0 well. Sometimes, device can access network,
but sometims device reboot abnormal, and it just reboot when transfer data through E100.

[244.803659]-(0)[1984:tcpdump]] (dma_channel_program+0x0/0x4c8) from ] (musb_start_urb+0xe10/0x31b4)
[244.805035]-(0)[1984:tcpdump]] (musb_start_urb+0x0/0x31b4) from ] (musb_advance_schedule+0xc0/0x594)
[244.806422]-(0)[1984:tcpdump]] (musb_advance_schedule+0x0/0x594) from ] (musb_host_tx+0x2c8/0xb08)
[244.807787]-(0)[1984:tcpdump]] (musb_host_tx+0x0/0xb08) from ] (musb_interrupt+0x12c/0x12f8)
[244.809087]-(0)[1984:tcpdump]] (musb_interrupt+0x0/0x12f8) from ] (mt_usb_interrupt+0x308/0xbcc)

Do you know what lead to this crash ? does it relate to AX_FORCE_BUFF_ALIGN ?

thank you!

Hi Irsen - Sorry, we haven’t seen this before and don’t know what might be causing it. The ASIX Linux driver has been quite stable for a while, so I would look for recent changes to the code version that might cause an issue.

The problem seems to be on the USB host side before packets are sent out over USB to the device. They don’t seem strictly related to the ASIX driver, but I guess there’s a chance different word alignment (AX_FORCE_BUFF_ALIGN) could trigger a problem downstream (but I wouldn’t expect it).

I’d try a different kernel version to isolate the issue. Sorry we don’t have any better leads for you!