when I plug in my uga-165 usb display adapter the driver loads but the green light does not come on

I am using the adapter on a new HP laptop with i5 processor and 8GB of memory. The driver loads fine, I even upgraded the driver to make sure it was as current as possible. I don’t get any errors but the green light never comes on and of course no display on the monitor.

I have 2 of these adapters and the both do exactly the same thing. I have a Dell laptop that is 4-5 years old but also an i5. The driver loads on the Dell, but I also got a window asking to agree to the legal statement. Both adapters display a green light on the Dell.

If I had to guess the newer HP doesn’t have enough power to drive the adapter. But that doesn’t make sense. Any ideas?

I just sent you the debug report in hopes that you will see something there.