when can we buy the T3 dock? TBT3-UDV

Im dying to give you my money for the thunderbolt 3 dock (TBT3-UDV ). I keep checking but I can find it anywhere (aside from the lovely people on ebay selling them for $480).
I’m a big fan of plugable, you guys make great gear. please help me give you my money. Thanks

Thanks Damien! We’re eager to get units back for sale as well – it’s been a challenge to stay in stock since launch as demand was even stronger than we expected.

Good news is that we should have units available on Amazon again within the next 2 weeks. (And could be much sooner than that, depending on factors outside of our control with international shipping, customs, Amazon’s turnaround time checking in the goods, etc.)

We do have a notification sign-up on the product page if you’d like to be notified when units are once again available: plugable.com/products/tbt3-udv

Thanks again for the interest!

Hey thanks for the prompt response. I understand the demand. Plugable’s t3 has the best reputation/reviews (I did quite a bit research; apparently too much). Plugable’s t-3 is universally ranked th best and it’s less expensive to boot. You guys got a winner, just need to make many more :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.

Thanks Damien – agreed on all counts! Once these upcoming production batches start landing, we expect to have enough units to meet demand.

Hi Damien,

If you’ve signed up to be notified, you’re probably already aware – but in case you didn’t, quick note to let you know we’ve got the TBT3-UDV docks back in stock!