what will happen if 'computer management' asks to initialize drive

i am trying to check a sata drive . the win 7 system i am using for my plugable usb3
recognizes drive in ‘computer management’ storage but it is asking me to initialize it.

i am afraid this will loose all info on that drive. what to do?


Initializing the drive will erase the data.

Where did this drive come from prior to using it in our docking station?

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it came with the computer i bought. and i have been on a chat session with toshiba
who made the drive and they dont want to help

do u have any further suggestions?

OK. So you took the drive out of another system, put it in our dock, and are trying to access the data on your other Windows 7 computer.

Was the computer you took the drive out of working or did you take the drive out because it stopped working and you are now trying to recover the data?

I suspect the hard drive you took out might be failing and the filesystem has been damaged. You may need to seek out professional data recovery. If the drive is failing, anything you do to recover data on your own could make recovering the data impossible even for a professional.

thanks again.

i am contacting a professional

i love your products!!