What Plugable Do I Need To Connect Two Monitors to Two Different Machines HP and Macbook Air M1

I will start this with the statement I am not very tech-savvy. I have a Macbook Air M1 (two USB C - lightening). I have a Samsung M7 smart monitor (4k UHD). Also, I have a hp EliteBook 840 GS Model # HSN113C. that has USB C (lightening) and HDMI port. I have an HP monitor with HDMI, VGA, and Display Port (I think) inputs. When working on windows, I want to connect the HP to both monitors (Samsung and HP) and When working on Mac, I want to connect the Mac to both monitors (Samsung and the HP). I am willing to unplug what I am not using. What Plugable device(s) do I need. Is there anything additional I will need to do/buy? Thank you.

Hello Dee,

Thank you for reaching out to Plugable support and providing a clear description of the goals you’re looking to meet. I’d be happy to help!

Our UD-6950H dual display docking station + our USB Sharing Switch are a perfect match for your MacBook, HP laptop, or any USB-C/USB-3.0 enabled system.

This dock supports up to 4K on two independent displays using either DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0.

Additionally, this dock can connect up to 2 monitors, add an Ethernet connection, add 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks, and add multiple USB ports.

This adapter would allow you to drive up to two displays via a single USB-A connection to your Mac or PC and function great for general office or productivity use.

The USB Sharing Switch would connect to the two computers and docking station to allow switching between systems at a touch of a button.

However, one important detail to keep in mind is that you will need to manually install the adapter’s DisplayLink application. You can refer to the following blog post for installation instructions for Big Sur: https://plugable.com/2020/11/13/plugable-displaylink-products-and-macos-11-big-sur-macos-10-15-catalina-and-macos-10-4-mojave/.

If you have questions about this process, please let me know.

Thank you for considering Plugable,

Omar D.
Plugable Technologies

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