What could cause a bt-mouse3 to stop connecting or being discoverable. I've replaced the batteries. It was bought in December 2016.

It began being very reliable, although I had a little trouble figuring out how to connect it to my Gateway NV76r laptop with two internal antennas, a third party internal wifi/bluetooth card and running Windows 10. Once I got it working it performed perfectly, but lately it has been disconnecting, losing pairing and now becoming undiscoverable. I tried replacing the batteries, as well as trying to see if my phone could discover it. Now I can’t connect with anything. The light flashes when I push the connect button, but no connection.

I’m having difficulties as well, I think solution is to return the entire mess and just get a different mouse/bluetooth adapter, I have a TARGUS mouse and USB bluetooth and it works fine with no issues, WINDOWS 10 with HP Notebook