what adapter use to connect set top cable box for HP TouchSmart 610-1190f all-in-one PC

HP TouchSmart 610-1190f all-in-one PC doesn’t have VGA connector or male/female Video entries rather an Video in that looks like a coaxial cable … how to connect to a set top cable box?
should I use USB to VGA adapter and then connect that to the box with something like this? 25ft VGA + Composite Video + Stereo Audio + 3.5mm A/V Cable with Rounded Low Profile Connectors M/M - In-Wall CMG-Rated

I hope you can help? Appreciate it very much

We worked with Veronica via our email ticketing system on this inquiry, and are posting the information below for the benefit of those who might encounter this thread while researching an issue. The end goal was to be able to output a signal from a cable box into video input on the PC:

Unfortunately most cable companies over the past few years have phased out this type of connection - they want to prevent unprotected digital or analog outputs that people could use to record HDTV on any device and redistribute, so usually the solution is much more in depth than just attaching the cable box to your PC.

Due tot he above, it has become frustratingly difficult to get TV to work on your PC (assuming you have Comcast or Time Warner, or one of the handful of big national TV providers - other smaller regional providers might be a bit different). Between the amount of time and money spent to get things to work, many would say it’s not worth the headache.

To utilize the PC tuner cable you currently have, you’ll probably need to speak to your cable company about a digital-to-analog converter box, or potentially purchase newer tuner for your PC. It all starts to get fairly complex rather quickly depending on the specifications of your PC, tuner, and specifics of the broadcast signal from your cable company - so I think a good next step will be to speak to the cable company and see if they have a guide for what’s needed. Alternatively, if you have a local computer store that you trust, hopefully they will be able to provide some guidance on how to get things setup.