Want to Mirror my Laptop screen to Multiple HD TV's



I am having a situation like, we need to mirror my Laptop (May be MAC or Windows) screen to 4 (Multiple) TV Screen which having Wifi, Ethernet port, HDMI port and USB Port. Please guide me to suitable solutions. The TV Screens will be placed in different rooms on the ground floor and even first floor too (May be).

Thanks in advance…


Hello Dhanasekar,

Thank you for contacting us here at Plugable. I’m sorry to say we do not sell any product which will meet your requirements.

Thank You!


Hello Jenna,

I have found the following products in your products page.

Please find the attached image - HDMI Adapter Product description - It says can mirror up to 6 Displays.

Will this be useful if we need to mirror my Laptop screen to 4 TV Screens on the same floor in different rooms?




Any update?


Hello Dhanasekar,

Thank you for the follow-up. The Windows operating system does not allow more than one mirrored display. All additional screens must then function in “Extended” desktop mode.

The only type of product that comes to mind that will accomplish what you are intending is an HDMI splitter. Plugable does not manufacture this type of product, but there are many choices available on Amazon and through other online marketplaces.



Thanks for the reply Gary. If not Windows, then by using MAC system is it possible?

Also please let me know what are the other choices other than HDMI splitter because I am not aware of that.


Also, please let me know if i use HDMI Splitter, distance between the TV’s will give any output degradation?


Hello Dhanasekar,

We do not recommend our graphics adapters on Mac systems.

Regarding the HDMI splitter question, we do not make these products so we are unable to answer this type of question with certainty. Best to get in touch with a manufacturer/vendor of HDMI splitter products to get the best recommendations at this point.