VGA to HDMI cable? (instead of HDMI to VGA)

I’ve seen the HDMI to VGA cable at that allows connecting a modern computer’s HDMI output to an older monitor’s VGA input.

I currently have the inverse problem: my kid wants to plug his old computer’s VGA output to his new TV set’s HDMI input, but it seems Plugable doesn’t currently manufacture this kind of converter (or does it?).

I wonder…

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, we don’t have a VGA to HDMI Converter Cable in our product line at this time.

We’re in the process of evaluating a cable like that now, but we’re in the very early stages of development, and we don’t know when it will be available for purchase yet.

Sorry we can’t recommend a product for your needs. Please feel free to look around on Amazon, Best Buy, or other online retailers to find a solution in the mean time. We appreciate your interest in our products.

Thank You,

Plugable Technologies

Thanks for the prompt answer. :slight_smile:

No problem, Miguel! We’re always happy to help.

Plugable Technologies