Using UGA-3000 with Lenovo Yoga X1 with Onelink+ hub

I’ve recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga X1 and run it through a OneLInk+ hub, using two native DVI outputs on the hub as well as attempting to use two (2) UGA-3000 adapters (total of four (4) external monitors – with worked fine on my prior Lenovo laptop). Running Windows 7 Enterprise (this is not going to change anytime soon). The adapters will not successfully install on the laptop nor will signal seem to pass through the adapters to their DVI destinations.

We have attempted to allow Windows to install drivers and have also downloaded and attempted to manually install the 7.9 M5 drivers from your/Displaylink’s website. We have attempted to run one adapter at a time and it refuses to be recognized when hotplugged and refuses to boot at all if plugged in prior to power up.

Are you seeing any other trouble with the X1 or the OneLInk+ hub or can you offer me some direction?

Ben - Just to confirm: Have you tried running the display adapters directly attached to the laptop without having the OneLink+ hub installed (disconnect everything form laptop, boot, than connect display adapters only)?