Using Plugable BT-BOX4S speakers with Logitech Harmony Hub


I’m trying to register the BT-BOX4S speakers with my Logitech Hub. Unfortunately the BOX4S is not a known device already so I’m attempting to capture the remote’s IR signals in the Hub, but the Hub apparently can’t recognize them.

I’m assuming that the BOX4S remote is IR driven (it certainly looks it), but it seems like the Hub is having issues recognizing the signal.

Has anyone else successfully registered this device with a Harmony Hub?

Is it possible for anyone at Plugable to work with Logitech to support this? The Hub’s are pretty popular and it’s great to have as a spare to the regular remote (plus the convenience of an app on your phone).


Thanks for asking!

The remote is indeed IR based, and uses the standard NEC protocol. Have you tried using remote codes for NEC devices?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your response. Is there a particular NEC device this mimics? The standard way to program a Logitech Hub is to tell the software what device you’re using it with, and 95% of the time it’s in their database.

For devices not in the DB you can program the Hub by directly pointing the remote at the Hub and it’ll walk you through capturing individual IR signals for each function of the remote.

The Hub doesn’t seem to understand the IR signal (the software says as much) that the Plugable remote is sending. So it may be an issue with the Hub/software/remote… tough to know.

I know I’m in the minority of users, but it would be great to have this device in Logitech’s database of devices. So, maybe a “feature” to consider. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.