Using Laptop Screen and DS-Connected monitor at the same time?


I plan to buy a UD-160-A Plugable USB 2.0 DS, but I have one question about it that I have not seen addressed. Is it possible to leave my laptop open, using its screen for my first monitor, while at the same time having another monitor plugged into the DS and using it as my second monitor, and both showing different views? Is special software needed to have the keyboard and mouse switch from one to the other? I have Windows 7 Pro.


Hi Lindy,

Thanks for asking ahead, I’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can absolutely use the docking station to add a second monitor to your laptop and use both the laptop and external screen at the same time. If your machine is Windows Update enabled and has a live internet connection when you connect the docking station, Windows will automatically find and install all the necessary drivers for you.

If there’s any difficulty getting it setup, we’re always here to help!

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.


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Hi Jerome, Thanks for the prompt answer. Once I’m using the two monitors, can I then surf the Web on one and work on a Word file on the other, with both views showing at the same time and just switching my mouse and keyboard connectivity from one to the other?


Hi Lindy,

You’ll be able to setup the two displays next to each other so that when you move the mouse off the screen in the direction of the second screen it will appear on the adjacent edge of the other monitor. If you are dragging a Window, you can just keep going and put it on the other screen. Then, you’re first screen will still be active and available for you to use.

Basically it’s like one big desktop that you can move stuff around on and place windows where you want. If you have any troubles getting it set up, we’ll be happy to assist.

I hope that helps!

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Super!! That’s an exciting product you have there, can’t wait to set up my docking station. Thank you.


We’re happy to assist!
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