Use One computer 2 monitors mouse ect

I would like to know if there is any way I can have my computer in the house and have my monitor and keyboard in the house and add a monitor keyboard and etc. in my camper about 100 foot from the computer, I have a strong wifi connection but want to use the same computer but have a monitor and of course mouse and keyboard. I know I can use my smart tv and connect to the computer by the way of wifi but not sure how the mouse and keyboard could be connected. The reason for this I am a college student and no longer have a laptop but recently purchased a new gaming computer Intel I9. My mother is retiring and I need to do classwork in a quiet environment. Thanks for your input.


Thank you for reaching out to Plugable support and providing a clear description of the goals you’re looking to meet. I’d be happy to help!

Our docks are perfect for the typical office/home scenario.

Unfortunately, we wouldn’t have a solution for this type of configuration.

Apologies if my response seems overly negative. However, we would rather lose a sale than recommend devices that don’t work smoothly.

Please feel free with any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you for considering Plugable!

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